But for most companies, the reality is far different.

Given the successes and potential, adoption of “data” has been remarkably slow.  A small group of us set out in late 2015 to understand why and to propose what should be done.  We re-examined our successes and failures, studied models of innovation, diffusion and disruption, conducted an extensive root cause analysis, compared interim explanations with progress in other fields, and were brutally honest in testing these explanations among ourselves.

We concluded that deep, profound change is required:  People must take on new roles and responsibilities and develop new skills; new organizational structures are needed; and cultures must develop that put data on par with other assets.

We offer The Leader’s Data Manifesto as a way to help stimulate that change and to structure next steps.  Please read this manifesto, debate it with your colleagues, and make it work within your company.

Data Manifesto-0330

Please sign the manifesto and join us.

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