We want to unlock the value of data and treat it as an important asset...

The Leader’s Data Manifesto community is a coalition of like-minded, aligned and focused thought and practice leaders in the management of information assets (all data, information and knowledge).

We want to help leaders around the world recognize that their data can be assets of enormous value and that they must be managed as such.

We want to accelerate this change; to do so, we have started a movement around The Leader’s Data Manifesto.


Data Leaders is driving a movement such that organizations deliberately manage data and information with the same accountability as other assets. 

Data Leaders will also:

  • Motivate individuals to lead the transformation in their teams, departments and companies.
  • Provide them with simple tools and the essential guidance needed to be successful.
  • Empower them to help others in their organizations to join the movement.
  • Raise the level of data literacy.
  • Demonstrate the value proposition data.

The basic ideas driving the Data Leaders are:

  • When properly managed, data is fundamentally an asset to any organization in the same way its people, finances, inventory or raw materials are assets. If not properly managed, data is a liability.
  • Most organizations require major changes in approach, management roles and responsibilities, and techniques to properly manage data assets.  The Leader’s Data Manifesto lays out what’s possible.  In particular, most organizations’ best opportunities for organic growth lie in data.
  • Major change occurs when new ideas are broadly accepted, then internalized.  A new perspective on data is no different. Change must be accepted and internalized.
  • The Data Leaders focuses on ensuring that organizations increase their desire to embrace and develop the skills necessary to manage their data assets. There is a need for an organization to drive this required change.