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Our Data Toolkit

How Does It Help?

Our data tools are designed to assist leaders in managing data effectively. Our tools include a Data Literacy Self-Assessment, Data Quality and Machine Learning Readiness Test, and Root Cause Analysis. These tools help leaders identify areas for improvement and make data-driven decisions that impact their organization’s success.

Explore our tools to become a more effective leader in data management.

Data Literacy Self-Assessment

It is astonishingly hard to start that journey, let alone change deeply embedded data behaviors and misconceptions in an organization. Based on our research, we determined a simple self-assessment would be of value to organizations.

Data Quality and Machine Learning Readiness Test

This Data Quality and Machine Learning Readiness Test is designed to help you understand the most important issues, baseline where you are, and sort out which issues you must address in the short term.

Root Cause Analysis

Are you having recurring issues? Learn more about root causes of poor information asset management.