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The Leader’s Data Manifesto

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Articles, Books and Presentations by the Data Leaders

Data Driven Dr Tom Redman
Data Governance: How to Define, Deploy and Sustain a Data Governance ProgramJohn Ladley
Ethical Data and Information Management: Concepts, Tools and Methods Katherine O’Keefe and Daragh O Brien
Executing Data Quality Projects: Ten Steps to Quality Data and Trusted Information ™Danette McGilvray
Infonomics: How to Monetize, Manage, and Measure Information as an Asset for Competitive AdvantageDouglas Laney
Making EIM Work for Business John Ladley
Measuring Data Quality for Ongoing ImprovementLaura Sebastian-Coleman
Navigating the Labyrinth: An Executive Guide to Data ManagementLaura Sebastian-Coleman
Why it is important to manage information as a business asset 170329 v1Dr Nina Evans & James Price
Barriers to the Effective Deployment of Information AssetsDr Nina Evans & James Price
Bad Data Costs the U.S. $3 Trillion Per YearDr Tom Redman in Harvard Business Review
Dataleaders EDW2017 SIG Preso Manifesto FINAL-Website
Root Causes of Barriers to Information not being Managed as a Business Asset Presentation
Enterprise Data World 2018 Presentation 
Enterprise Data World 2019 – Presentation