Privacy Policy

Who are we?

Data Leaders Organisation is a volunteer-driven coalition of like-minded, aligned and focused thought and practice leaders in the management of information (all data, information and knowledge) assets. We want to help leaders around the world recognize that their data can be assets of enormous value and that they must be managed as such. We want to accelerate this change.

We are not a professional membership organisation but rather a coalition of participants who collaborate to develop and promote management understanding of data so it can be better used to serve organisations and society.

Our participating members are based in several countries.

What personal data do we process and why?

We process data about people for a very small number of purposes. Ironically for a group that seeks to promote the importance of managing data as an asset, we seek to minimise the amount of data about people we are processing. We deliberately wish to be minimalist in the data assets we manage – less is more.

Signing The Leader’s Data Manifesto.

If you sign The Leader’s Data Manifesto, we ask you for:

  • Your name, so it can appear on the list of signatories
  • Your email address, so we can verify your details if necessary. This will not be published.

You also have the option of providing your job title and a comment. These are not mandatory fields.

When you sign the manifesto, you consent to us processing your personal data for the purposes of being recorded as a signatory.

Participating in Data Leaders Organisation activities or working groups.

If you volunteer to take part in our activities or contribute to one of our working groups, we will process data about you so that we can contact you and so that we can administer the activities of working groups.

The specific information that would be required will depend on the activity and the working group but, in general, will be limited to your name, the country or time zone you are in (for scheduling purposes), and your email address. This information is processed for the legitimate interest of running activities and coordinating working groups.

If additional information is needed for any particular activity or working group you will be advised of this and the reason it is needed.

Taking part in surveys.

We may undertake surveys or publish questionnaires. These surveys or questionnaires will either be for the purposes of research on a particular topic or to allow you to use an assessment tool we make available through our website,

The specific data that will be processed for any survey or questionnaire will depend on the purpose, design, and structure of the survey or questionnaire. However, online survey tools will generally record the IP address of people submitting responses from which additional information such as location may be derived.

As a rule, we will not ask for personal data on a survey or questionnaire other than for the purpose of sending you a copy of the outputs of that questionnaire. Surveys will be designed as much as possible to minimise the potential for indirect identification of individuals. Each survey or questionnaire will clearly explain any other purposes for processing personal data and whether it is optional or mandatory to provide the information for that survey.

Disclosure of Personal Data to Third Parties.

Data Leaders does not disclose personal data to third parties, nor do we sell, rent, or share data held by us with any third parties other than under the following circumstances:

  • If required by law (statutory requirement or court order)
  • Where necessary for the purposes of operating working groups or administering the activities of the Leaders’ Data Group, we will share information with participating volunteers or contractors.
  • Use of Social Media Sharing Plugins.

Our website allows you to share content across several social media platforms or to “like” our content on This will result in personal data being processed by these platforms in line with their data protection policies.

Data Processors.

As a coalition of volunteers, we rely on several entities to process and handle data on our behalf.

  • hosts our website. They provide information on how they process data about people who visit sites hosted by them here.
  • Experience Matters in Australia provides administrative support for the website.
  • Castlebridge are the sponsors of the Data Literacy Review tool on the website.

Cross-border Data Transfers

Personal data processed by us will be processed in different jurisdictions at different times. The data protection or data privacy laws in place in different jurisdictions may be different to those in your country and may offer higher or lower levels of protection for your rights and freedoms.

  • sites are hosted on servers in various locations, including the United States
  • Our volunteers are in different countries or regions (e.g. US, Canada, EU, Australia).

Transfers necessary for the performance of a contract

When you engage with the Leaders’ Data Organisation as a volunteer or as a participant in a working group you will be asked to sign a Volunteer Agreement. To enable you to participate as a volunteer in the Leaders’ Data Group it will be necessary to transfer and disclose personal data about you to other participants.

Transfers necessary for a compelling legitimate interest

When you sign the Data Leaders’ Manifesto, this data is transferred on the basis of our legitimate interest in promoting the manifesto and the fact that, by signing the manifesto, you have expressed a desire to have your support for our manifesto made public.

Transfers on the basis of consent

In certain circumstances we may ask for your consent to the transfer of data. This will arise in circumstances where the nature of the data we are processing could represent a higher degree of risk or where it is not possible to rely on a contractual necessity or a compelling legitimate interest.

Contacting Us.

If you have any questions about how we process data, or if you would like to request a copy of any data we hold about you or to have data corrected or deleted, please contact us via the contact form on the website and we will respond to you as soon as possible.