Thank you to the people listed below who share the vision of the Data Leaders for data and information to be truly valued and managed as a business asset.

Be a change leader and evangelist. Your organisations will be forever grateful.

John Ladley

Danette McGilvray

Kelle O’Neal

James Price

Tom Redman, PhD

Nina Evans, PhD

Ron Klein, Global Data Governance Leader

Dave McComb, President. “Be the change!”

Patty Aenchbacher, Data Governor

Gene Boomer, “Go Man Go….!!!”

Skip Kirby, Director, Strategic Information Services. “Bravo!”

Ray Doggendorf, Data(base) Architect.

“I do not support a single database nor DBMS technology (e.g., DB2, Oracle), instead I am responsible for caring for the Enterprise “Logical” Data Model.”

David Wiebe

Svetlana Addo, Data Quality Manager

Bob Lambert

Michael Blaha

Adrianne Baugh, Business Intelligence Manager

GJ Van Zyl, Executive Chairman

Martin Spratt, Chief Data Value Officer.

“Bravo ! About time the data industry had an adult voice. I thought I was back in the 1980’s ! The Big Data failures are testimony that the data industry is shipwrecked without this overarching idea. Looking forward to participating in this conversation, and confident these ideas will find the language, branding and the channels to go viral, and get a legitimate seat at the table with contemporary manifesto concepts like “App”, “Cloud”, “Mobile” and “Agile”.”

Daragh O Brien,  “Recital 4 of the General Data Protection Regulation sums it up: “The processing of personal data should be designed to serve mankind.”

Ray Diaz, Senior Data Analyst. “Want to be an member of this group to help raise knowledge and focus on Data. There is a huge need to create Data Citizens. “Data is not a project, it’s an ongoing endeavor.”

Su Rayburn, AVP information management

Missy Wittmann

Dave Wells “Thank you. This is an important step in taking us to the next generation of data management. We need to think differently about data and this is a good beginning.”

Louise Crooks, Sr Manager of Data & Analytics

Thomas Frisendal, Data Architect and Modeler, “Making data work for the business, Yes!”

Yi Wang, Head of Data Governance

Rock Bim, VP

Chad L Dowell, Technical Assistant

Katherine Nicasio, DQA

Michael A Rife

John Yanley

Kasu Sista

Derrick Exum

Mitko Gerensky, Chief of Staff Data Strategy

Mary Komorowski, Enterprise Data Modeler

Tom Albritton

Rob Dinerman, Leadership Trainer

Steve Green, Social Science Analyst

John A Zachman, Enterprise Architecture

Jayashree Bala

Asia Pilas

Dawn Koteman, Data Governance Senior Manager

Laura Sebastian-Coleman, Author, Measuring Data Quality for Ongoing Improvement

Cathy Ortiz, Director Enterprise Data Analytics

Erica Robeen, Director

Corine Jansonius, Data Architect

John Mwang, Data Strategy Lead

Luda Shuster, MDM Analyst

April Reeve, Director Info Architecture

Brenda Kalapach, Data Governance and Analytics Lead

Barbara A Nichols, Founder, Metaview360, LLC

Mary M Walters, Snr Business Data Analyst

Robert Raymond McGir, Independent

Chen Liu, CEO

Hakan Johansson, CEO, Management Consultant

Rodriugo Fiuguermo

Mary Moon

Thuthuklle Rakharebe, Head: Data Management

JG Cowper, Healthbridge Data

Jim Smith, President

Ken O’Connor, Data Management Consultant

Lisel Engelbrecht

Jason Perkins, Head of Analytical Architecture.

“Data has an amazing potential to be part of the answer to improving society for us all through an increasingly insight driven world. This is a great first step to grow a Data movement to deliver an Information Revolution. #dataleaders”

Maury Carollo

Carl Kane, Data Management Lead

Rodrigo DeCossio

Bob Newstadt, Analytics Consultant.

“Abundant data is a new phenomenon. Data delivers value only when it is used. Leaders must reset expectations of all knowledge workers to seek out data and use it.”

Sanjeev, Data Architect

Sheik M. Isaacs, Data Governance Leader

Axel Troike, President at Grandite

Finance, Human Resources and Data are the three essential business resources that any organization has always been built on, independent of its size or industry, regardless of whether it operates locally or globally or whether its products / services are tangible or not.
The ultimate target of a business is to turn these resources into assets which implies that they are governed to increase revenue, to lower costs and to minimize risks, all in alignment with the organization’s mission and goals as well as with the legal and regulatory requirements for the respective industry.
As the CEO is responsible to the Board to accomplish business targets, s/he has to exercise Data Leadership and ensure that a Chief Data Officer is appointed to take business responsibility for Data like the Chief Financial Officer and the Chief Human Resources Officer already do for their respective resource realm.”

Don Carlson, Process Design Executive, Make proactive and sustainable data management part of your processes!”

Jonathan Hill, “Superb manifesto. I’ve spent eight years discussing the importance of data to power all manner of initiatives. All too often the people responsible for data within an organisation are too junior to elevate the conversation to where it needs to sit, at board level.”

Nila Hines, Data Governance Program Administrator

Dora Boussias

Donna Burbank, Managing Director

Judy Rounds, Data Provocateur, “Thank you!”

Gail McAuliffe, “I’m happy to sign the Data Manifesto to help Data Professionals spread the word about the importance of data as assets.”

Robin Miller, Enterprise Architect, “Working on implementing Governance and Data Management.”

Sue Geuens, DAMA International President, “I am so excited to be forming part of this manifesto!”

Steve Corcoran, Business Data Architect.

Nonna Milmeister, General Manager, “Change is absolutely necessary and I am committed to lead it”

Howard Diesel, “It is rather depressing but really exciting that most organizations still find themselves in this situation.”

Cindy Niquette, Principal Information Architect

Nicola Askham, The Data Governance Coach

Kristin Love,  Enterprise Information Architect

Ian Rowlands

Dave Getty, Data Management Consultant,

“The Business needs to assume and assign more specific responsibilities for Data Stewardship. IT needs to implement better tools for Data Governance, Glossary, Metadata, Cleansing, Auditing and Transforming. Management needs to facilitate these collaborative initiatives.”

Darrin Deeter, IT Director – Analytics

Mark Rocco

Doug Laney, VP Research

Pravin Vijay, AVP-Marketing, Flytxt, “Enterprises need to focus on pooling in data, turning data to impactful customer insights and generating measurable business value to thrive in digital economy.”

Nadim WARDÉ, Partner

Ebrahim Said

Prof. David Sammon, Director MSc Data Business, “Working to improve the data agenda for Irish executives”

Jay Zaidi, Managing Partner, “Great initiative!”

William McKnight, President, McKnight Consulting Group Global Services

Ken Rhodes

Dan Everett, Senior Director

Tejasvi Addagada, “Book – Data Management and Governance Services: Simple and Effective approaches”

Michael Curran, “Thank you for formulating the Manifesto. This reflects my observations and thoughts from working with businesses and their data over the past 25 years. I am in agreement with the Manifesto and look forward to helping people recognise the value of data.”

David Muller, VP Data and Engineering

Stacey Haurin, Data Architect

Laura Reeves,  Founding Partner

Susan Early,  Enterprise Data Architect

Luminita Vollmer, Information Architect

Deborah Henderson, President, “Great to see a groundswell of support on this issue”

Sergio Topfstedt, Managing Partner, 

Working over the last 20 years in DW, Analytics and more recently Big Data Market, I am immensely happy with an initiative like DATA MANIFESTO brings.
The market needs trusted advisors as Data Manifesto offers that can show to corporate governance to the need to treat one of the largest assets of any company has, its data. Cycles of technological innovation repeat themselves and lately being accelerated; actions like care, detail and value perception of data that each company has, usually are in the background or do not enter at the success track of digital projects.
As a teacher in Big Data at one of the most respected engineering schools in Brazil, I will be flattered to be part of this group that I consider capable of pointing to the market success paths using analytics and the appropriate use of data.”

Stijn “Stan” Christiaens, CTO

Sara Ovist, Sr. Analyst, Data and Information Governance

Amit Saha

Jeff Cohen

Jessica Barry

Peter Kapur

Sphamandla Duma, Data Quality Consultant

Vincent Lammerse

Ghassem Koolivand, Database team Lead

David Vaz

Ekkehard Schwarz,  Information Governance Specialist, “One day you will wish, you would have done all these things…”

Miguel Payeras

Aniruddha Ray, VP

Mark Vreeland, Director, Information Governance.

I have been active in Information Governance for over 20 years and have designed and implemented various models over during that time. I have settled on one model now that truly supports data as an asset and more importantly information as an asset. While most believe that Data Governance is key to the organization looking at from the information generated, how that information is generated, who uses it and how information is governed is the driving force for what I do for Equifax Workforce Solutions. Information Governance defines information asset management with three disciplines; Business Information Discipline, Technology Discipline and Information Asset Discipline. These discipline make up the foundation of the model that is being implemented and executed for Equifax Workforce Solutions.’

Carrie Mueller, Data Governance Officer

Matt Sosa, Data Scientist

Steve Carrell, Data Guru

Susan Hosking, EA & BI Director

Paul Bennett, Database Analyst

Francisco Guinez, Executive Director “Congratulations!”

Roger Noesberger, Data Governance Specialist

Thijs van der Feltz, Data & Information Architect

Ken Self, President IQ International. “A great opportunity for everyone who understands the value of data to pull together and make a difference.”

Mehmet Orun, CDMP, Data Strategy Leader. ” As a data professional, part of my role is to see patterns in what is and is not there. As such, I agree with the core concepts and principles stated in this manifesto and also believe we can all make a difference, one project, discussion, example at a time to create cultural change.”

George McGeachie

Bill Adkinson, Manager Business Intelligence

Cliff Seiler, Data Architect

Ricardo Alvarado, Data Governance Lead

Shane Downey, Vice President – IQ International. “Very proud to be part of this movement!”

Will Gainey

Bergson Lopes, Vice President – DAMA Brazil Chapter. “Great initiative! I’ll share in Brazil.”

Alexandre Masson Cosentino, Data Specialist

Mark Ouska, Enterprise Agile Data Strategist

Stacey Clark, VP Data Management and Governance

Jayne Dutra, Data Governance Manager. “Bravo!”

Anthony Evans

Victor Aguilar, VP Programs, DAMA Chapter México. “It seems to me an awesome effort because Data is worthless by itself. It does needs people to succeed. Great manifesto.
Excited to be part of it”

Bobby Trivedi, Executive Consultant.

Cristian Baptista, BI Manager

Alexandro Mayoral

Vivian Duarte da Silva Iannuzzi

Alex Pires Bacelar

Hector Raul Hurtado Frias, SubDirector Centro de Mando y Comunicacion Gobierno del Estado de Mexico. “Excellent initiative to which I fully adhere.”

Miguel Corro, Consultor

Geoflavia Guilarducci

Alvaro Almeida, Business Analyst

Anselmo Guedes

Fernanda, Systems Coordinator

Rafael Dias, System Analyst. ” I agree with and I believe that the knowledge on data will be the successful of the Organizations.”

Maria Guadalupe (Marilu) Lopez, President. “Totally committed to this manifesto and grateful to those that put it together.”


Herman Badenhorst, MD

Lucas Dal Bó

Carol Elliott

Luciene Maria Dos Santos

Cláudio Lucio, Data Specialist

Eronita Maria Luizines van Leijden

“I agree and I will work for it. I’m a public agent of the “Agência de Tecnologia do Estado de Pernambuco-ATI/PE” and I have been working to raise awareness about the importance of the data and to create a team to do this Management.”

Samuel Chaves

Rosalia, PMP & Business Coach

Liliane A N Sales

Lonna Hannan, VP – Data Architect

“Data is my passion. Mentoring others to find, understand, analyze, create insights, and take action on untapped or misunderstood data is my personal mission.”

Lisa Cutler Farwig

Colin Gibson, Data, Architecture and Change Professional. “Applications come and go. Data lives forever.”

Jonathan Andrews, Director, Application Architecture. “Wholeheartedly agree. Now to make it real.”

Lowell Fryman, CBIP-CDMP

Yasuki Hayashi

Alan D Duncan, Research VP, Data & Analytics Strategy, Chief Data Officer

“This is the work that I do with Gartner clients every single day, fostering a data-driven culture that increases the business value and usage of data. Data-driven business leads to better business outcomes.”

Jochen Gerhard, Dr.

Prashanth Southekal, Managing Partner

Jeremy Hall, Managing Director, “Great Initiative!”

Eugênio Antunes, CEO / CIO, “Empresa Municipal de Informática – Recife/PE/Brasil”

Ivan Schotsmans, Data Coordinator

Sheri Adame, Data Evangelist “I love data. All things data.”

Aneta Stoilova, Data Governance Advisor

Michael Ryan, Data Architect, “It is the right time. Better late than never. This is encouraging.”

John Norris, Data Governance Implementer, “The Leader’s Data Manifesto is inspiring.”

Robert Meersman

Dirk Krantz,  Information Architect, “Hear, hear”

Ted Hills, Enterprise Architect, ” There are now three data-related manifestos, which is a good sign that there is broadening agreement that data, not software, needs to be central to our work.”

Lowell Fryman, CBIP-CDMP, Practice Principal

Madani Basha, Data Quality Manager

A great initiative. We are already into a data intensive era, and rate of intensity is all set to explode. So the topic is very timely.
I was very impressed with the Business Rules Manifesto. I was pre-conditioned to see something similar (a list of crisp declarations applicable to the topic). However the manifesto as it stands is more for “Drive a change for data” than “This is what / how data ought to be”.
For example, I would like see in the “Data Manifesto” somethings like:
“D01 Data is an asset and requires effective governance”
“D02 Data is a business responsibility”
“D03 Every data record must have at least one business key”.
Each decree in the manifesto then needs to be expounded.
For example, D01 lays down the responsibility for ownership, acquisition, usage control and disposition.
And D02 lays down the responsibility with business for creating and maintaining a conceptual model of the data, business meaning of the data.
D03 stipulates that every record (or table) must have a clear meaning. And this will happen when business keys are made explicit. Business key makes it easy to articulate what each row in a table represents. Difficulty in expressing the business key is a sure sign that there are disparate sub-sets of data. In such a case each sub-set should be subject to the “must have business key” principle.
Good luck with the initiative. Happy to contribute by way of discussion – by email, due to time zone.
Regards. – Madani Basha (Sydney, Australia)

Shannon Malmstrom

Robbert Naastepad, Data/Ecosystem Architect, “Let’s start by adding data (and not IT) focused curricula to our high schools and universities!”

Timothy W. Cook, “A data first strategy based on computable models containing the semantics will allow for reuse in future unknown situations and means more long-term value for your short-term efforts.”

Angela Boyd, Consultant, Data Governance

John Lucas, “I have always understood the relationship between information and data but am just realizing that the majority of leaders have not understood that with the information/knowledge era that understanding data is critical to grasping information and how this affects gaining knowledge.”

Mark Stockwell, Manager, Data Governance Program

Jorge Maciel Pereira, Information Intelligence Advisor,

“The need to see the data in a new way, as an investment and no longer as an expense, is imperative. In the Brazilian federal government this change is happening to generate an integrated vision that allows greater agility in the processes of service, reduction of fraud and greater agility in the offer of products and services.”

Kate Walker, CEO, “Records and Information Management Professionals Australasia (RIMPA) support this movement and we hope that it stimulates debate and raises awareness.”

David Pryde, Director & RIM Consultant, ” I like that it is a call to action to take responsibility for driving an information governance model that recognises the value and potential of our information assets. Stop treating them as an overhead and grow from the decision.”

Kris Minier, Director, Business Intelligence Reporting, LeasePlan USA

Morgan Templar, Author, Get Governed!, “I am a Lead Data Steward for Blue Shield of CA Provider and Member Domains. I am a Business Solution Architect. I lead our Data Quality program. Personally, I have written the definitive book of Data Governance to be released Q3 2017 called “Get Governed – Build a World-class Data Governance Program.” I’m passionate about the need for governing data and understand the value of data.”

Billy Tilson

Harri Juntunen, Partner, “People and data first.”

Nilton Moreira dos Santos, CIO

Nadine Schramm, Data Architect/Governance Lead

Susan Earley, Architect

Gabriela Filip, Head BI

Laurel Shifrin

Melissa Cozono

Marcia Souza

Deepak Bhaskar, Data Strategy and Acqusition Manager

Roberto Navas Pinheiro, Executive Director

Peter Jackson, Head of Data

Gary Harper

Sharon Hockenberry, Independent Consultant; Integrity Data Solutions LLC

Simon Jeffery, Head of Information Strategy and Governance “Excellent Manifesto that resonates with me”

Nic Jefferis, “Great now can we tailor it to an organisation leadership”

Mark McQueen, Founder, Principal Consultant, 

” A bit late to the party but inspired by the Manifesto. C-suite leadership is required to drive a culture change that results in sustainable data processes integrated into every business process for innovation and differentiation that is meaningful to the customer – whatever your business.”

Gary Allemann, Managing Director at Master Data Management CC

Roberto Lichtenstein, Head of Business Analytics and Master Data, “Fully agree to the content of the manifesto. Let’s make it a reality!”

Shaema Talib, Director, Analytics

Barbara Turner, Director, Enterprise Data Governance & Data Quality

Bruce N. Davidson, Senior Advisor

Iain Heron, Enterprise Information Architect

Paula DAmico, Data Director

Leandro Eschiavi,

Marcelo de Souza Baltar, IT Manager

Nigel Turner, Principal IM Consultant 

Adrian Bennett

Claire Thomas

Brian Keil, VP, Global Data Management

Tina Tibbitts, Assistant Director of Administrative Systems

Derek Strauss, CEO – Gavroshe, ‘”Accelerating enterprise innovation and transformation through strategic management and use of data and analytics.”

Emma Farley

Sophie Angenot, Managing Partner

Karel Leeflang, CEO

Yannick Lambert

Jean Bernard Mathias, Enterprise Architect

Michael Ferguson

Elvira Brusa, Jefe Gestión de Datos

Gwen Thomas, Founder, the Data Governance Institute

Richard Green, CEO

Matthew McNamara, Business Development Manager, “Delivering on the promise of data and analytics…”

Alexander Borek, Head of Smart Data & Analytics at Volkswagen AG, “Digital Players live this manifesto every day. Its time for the rest of our economy to wake up!”

Mark Crooks, Director of Data Services

Laurie Frayne, Vice President

Paul Priestly, IM Consultant

Ian Seretin

Robin Wall, Director – Consulting, “… driving the move to realise data value and intelligence through better information management and executive maturity”

Fernanda Farinelli, Data and Ontology expert

Pete Rivett, CTO

Gazanfar Hakeem

Jana Cole,  Informatics Sr. Specialist

Maureen M Wenner, Informatics Sr Specialist

Anzel Schonfeldt

Fernanda Farinelli,  CDMP, CBIP, PhD

Julia Wormwood, Enterprise Data Steward

Jamie Fralick

Gerard Higgins, Director

Samir Boualla

Sphamandla, Data Quality Consultant

Jamie Toth, Systems Engineer – Expert

Ritva Aula, Lead Data Governance Expert

Thiago Silva

Davina Ikponmwosa,  Informatics Specialist

Bob McGivern, Business Transformation Lead, “Good stuff, there are too many any untapped value propositions – especially in Health Care.”

Sandi Perillo-Simmons, 2VP, Data Management, “Fully support and agree with the manifesto! Thanks all for your leadership in this space.”

Johannes Schwäble, Business Analyst, “By regarding our company’s data as an asset with great potential value we can get the support for protecting it with appropriate measures and transform it into new business oppurtunities.”

Lesley Burch, Engineering Information Management Team Lead

James Knowles, Data Quality COE Lead

David Pere

Jaco Groeneveld

Serge Cordier

Nana Bonsu, Director, Enterprise Data Management 

Jin Chung

Gideon Lowe, Data Governance Manager, “Thank you for your guidance and leadership!!”

Janette Harris

Sherry Bibiana, Data Architect/ Data Scientist, “Leadership comes also Bottom-up. Leaders love to be educated, advised.”

Clayton Dean, Managing Director

Erdal Akbulut

Jason Culp, Data Analytics Manager

Jim Forrester,  Director, Information & Financial Solutions

Tom Navak, Data Architect

Nana Bonsu, Director, Data Management 

Kirk Wroblewski, VP, Big Data – Data Controls Framework

Carol McGrath – CIMP

Antonio Gabrielli, Data Management Consultant

Martijn Scheele, MSc, “Dutch Rail Ways using data to personalise and optimise.”

Peter Wolcott, Professor

Laura Roy

Luis Young, Digital Transformation / Enterprise Architect Consultant / CIO,

“I´m convinced that if key players inside organizations adopt this manifiesto, innovation and digital transformation would make them more competitive and disruptive in benefit of stakeholders and the world´s economy.”

Yolanda Eyre, Data Governance Lead

Javier Marin Gonzalez

Ricardo Toledo, Pré-Vendas Oracle; Pré-Vendas de Data Governance

Gavin van Wyk, Data Management Professional

Alexandre Lepage, Senior Director

Daniel Muñante

Jeroen Brink, Data Governance & Data management consultant, “f leadership only knew what untapped potential lies dormant within their data silo’s…!”

Steve Boivin

Alessandra Miranda Neves

Marcelo de Oliveira

Yannick Lambert

Sevil Gülen

Heather Richardson, VP of Data Management, “Love it:)”

Sophia Hannay, Associate Director, Global Master Product Data

Linda Ruggles, Engineering Solutions Owner

Ingrid Zwiers, Data Steward

Ghanem, Data Quality Analyst

Sparsh, SDG

Melissa Malubay

Kartik Gandhi

Matthew Targarona, Sr. Manager Data Management

Tanya Kobyluk, Data Lifecycle Manager

Jo Smith, Enterprise PM

Kevin Havice

Jeff Sirkin, Vice President, Analytics

Carla de Abreu Martins, Data Administration Manager, “Congratulations! This represents the voice of data professionals all over these years. Certanly will motivate my team and the sponsors in my company.”

Matt Pelham

Robert B. Luikart, Solution Director, “I am a strategic data management consultant and discovered the Manifesto at EDW18. I plan to bring the Manifesto to all of my clients and incorporate its tenants into my work.”

Suzanne Deschenes, VP Data Governance, TD Bank, “Knowledge is powerful and is a driver of of success, but without RELIABLE and AVAILABLE data, it is impossible to have the knowledge that you require to be a true and accomplished leader.”

Steven Green

Susanne O’Neill, Senior Director for Data Governance “This is spot on… data has always been an asset!”

Oswaldo Baez

Don Jenkins, VP Advisory Solutions Service Delivery “This is a phenomenal initiative that will hopefully start opening eyes in the leadership suites of companies around the globe. Like with any business cultural change, it will take patience and persistence, but I love how the thought leaders are beating the drum!”

Mauricio Perez-Rubi, Growth Acceleration Director, “In Data based decision making lies the power to change the world for a better place to live”

Denis Minervino, Master Data Supervisor

Richard Twaddell, Data Governance and Analytics Lead

Stephen Lauzon, Agency Data Architect and Data Services Lead

Michael Mueller, Program Direct, Data Management & Analytics

Anastasia Egorova

Raj Kamachee

Susan M. Meyer, Data Strategy Lead

Michael Sabelhaus

Marc Nolte, IM Consultant, “Treat data with the respect it deserves.”

Dr. FQR, BI Data Architect, “Data Science techniques are becoming popular and because statistics usually teaches at the Math Department people think of it as an exact science but Statistic is the science of prediction and expectations. In the excitement of the possibilities that Big Data technology and Data Science techniques are opening, we are forgetting that correlation is not equal than causation and that any design model has intrinsic limitations. Dr. Deming said “In God we trust, all others must bring data.” but what he really wanted to reach was Wisdom! Data is just the raw material the real goal is Wisdom I have been thinking about the chain toward Wisdom (Data-Information-Knowledge-Wisdom) and wonder how many organizations have reached, at least, the level of Knowledge and if any at all have reached the pinnacle of Wisdom. We are drowning in a sea of data and we are starving for wisdom.”

Jorge Mario Calvo, Professor

Jeff Johnson

Christopher Corrigan, Data Governance Leader, “Clearly data is the capital of the new economy and like every other type of capital it must be managed. The Data Manifesto succinctly articulates why this is so needed.”

Stephanie Church, Data Governance Analyst

Adriano Bortoloto

Adrian Enrique Hernandez Contreras

Deepak Bhaskar, Founder, Leonis Consulting, ” I’m an ardent believer that data’s value is only realized when Business leaders embrace and leverage it for Competitive Advantage (and not throw the responsibility to IT and rely on them for it).”

Mary Angela Stefano, “It´s a important gumption!”

Daune Richardson, Organizational Change Management Specialist

Ana Dragana Mitrovich, RM Consultant

Bianca, Information Manager

Pamela J Basil, Senior Managing Data Consultant

Michael Delgado, Data Management and Business Intelligence Leader

Jacqueline Sant Eufemia David Planas

Jonathan R Rayner

Deron Hook, Director of Data Governance, “Thank you for inspiring the world in the great cause of better data management! I commit to leading this change within my sphere of influence to improve the human condition!”

Rui Montes Pinto, Director

Tony Sulpizio

Stephen Sarao, CDS

Kwanele Nyoni

Ismael Caballero, Associate Professor at UCLM

Andrew van der Watt, Senior Business Analyst

Mike Renwick, #MakeDataAnAsset

Marcela Schwindt, ING, “I agree”

KRISHNARAO NANDIPATI, President & CEO, “Looking for the day when CIO cares about Data as much as CFO cares about Money. “

Thomas Miller

Richard Pluschau, VP Information Management

Jeff Gentry

Gennadiy Armashula, Director for Business Development

Curt McAdams, Data Governance Professional 

Matías Quadri, “Los datos son el futuro”

Bill Coulam, “As a data architect I witnessed stunning successes when data was designed and handled correctly, and massive, expensive, embarrassing failures when done poorly. Data should command the same dedication of energy and resources as sales, inventory, customers, costs, profit and other critical business drivers.”

Eduardo Cantero Esteves Gonçalves, IT Consultant

Deepak Bhaskar

Senior Product Manager, Senior Product Manager

Nayibe Orjuela, Data management Consultant

Ron Legere, Principle, and EIA, “Data is a true business asset being recognized as central to business success. I support the Leader’s Data Manifesto movement.”

Matthew John Targarona

Ireen Khan

Dawn Harding, Director, Global Data Management

Allyn Ross, Director, Data Strategy

AJ Yager, Chief Growth Officer, “Proud to be a part of this data driven manifesto and actually helping to transform the planet through data.”

Prof. Dr. Diego Kuonen

Julien Levesque, Data Scientist, “Our organization is facing serious issues with data management, and our business suffers because of it. Without an appointed CDO, the lack of leadership toward this problem is hurting the whole digital transformation effort of our company.

By signing the manifesto, I take account of my new role as a data leader for changing the data culture in my work place.”

Chris Thomas, President, “Bravo! Excellent stuff here.”

Aleffer Alves da Silva, Engenheiro de Dados 

Zjaen Coetzee

Steven Green, Data Visualization Team Lead

Alessandro Cunha

David Ho, Enterprise Data Management, “In my long journey as a change agent and evangelist for enterprise data management, I truly appreciate the thought-leaders and practitioners from this data community for fueling my exuberant passion throughout my path!”

Steven Miller, CEO

Stephen Devine

Allan Sene Oliveira, CEO & Founder of Data Minders – Co-Founder of Data Hackers

Tiago Passos, Data Analytics

Marcos Ouriques, Consultant

Gabriel Campos Lages, Data Science Manager at Hotmart

Flavio Moura

André Sionek, Data Engineer at Olist

Marcos Paulo Siqueira

Anderson Luis Amaral, CDO, “Feel free to contact me. I represent some of the most well-known Brazilian companies dealing with data issues and it would be a pleasure to spread the word.”

Matthew Targarona, Sr. Data Governance Analyst

Gabriela Filip, Manager Data and Analytics

Marc Cabassa, Quality Information Systems Manager, “Data quality is key”

Adriana Carneiro

Pedro A.

Ronaldo Canteiro, BI Coordinator

Mónica P Rodríguez Luna, DM

Kevin Martins Araújo

Drew Geyer, Head of Data Architecture

Simone Benetti

Danea Chandler, Data Management Manager

Albertor Romero

Emily Clark

Alberto Rodríguez Bernárdez

Antonio Rubio Pineda, Co-Founder, ‘Loved data since 1997. Data can reveal many feelings in human beings: you can love it, hate it but [you should] never forget it..’

Isaac García Salgado, Mejora de Procesos

Luis Mariano Moyano

Jose-Luis Leon, DM&A Manager

Raul Gonzalez Agundez

Massimiliano Tolone, Senior Manager, Performance Improvement

Gilberto Saucedo, CEO, ‘Muy buena iniciativa’

Dr Eduardo Jallath, ‘The set of ideas in the Manifesto is a good start for every company and professional that wants to increase the real value of data management.’

Antonio Fregoso, Fis

Roberto Andrade Fonseca, Data Engineer

Josep Miquel Fèlix i Zahonero, Consultor

Chris Day, Managing Partner

Jeff Wolkove, State Data Management Architect – Arizona

Ad Stander


Jordan Hughes, Enterprise Data Architect

Javier Garcia

Bonne van Dijk, Data Strategist

Jorge Luis Soberanes Aceves

Henry Moes

Colin Macguire, Information Governance Specialist, ‘What an encouragement to see such a proactive and important initiative take flight! I look forward to seeing the manifesto translate into tangible differences in how companies and individuals use and value their data.”

FRANCISCO FERREIRA, “An immense pleasure to participate in this initiative.”

Rafael Alberto Percebão

Firas Hamdan

Michael Mwamunga, Consultant

William Raper, Practice Director, Data Architecture and Big Data

Leigh Isaacs,  Director, Information Governance

Patricia Costa, BI Consultant

Diana Morales, “Me parece una información de sumo valor para nosotros que nos dedicamos a estudiar los datos y además que las personas conozcan verdaderamente su valor.”

Aaron Mayzes

PJJ Turlings

Levi Levingston, Consultant

Armando Spagnolo

Theresa Kushner, Partner, “This is important and so needed.”

Dan Honorat

Priyabrata Patnaik

Yuri Aranha Kawagoe, Engineer

Maria C Villar

Jason Pedreza

Jason Pedreza, Manager, Business Intelligence

CRISTIANO MARQUES, Information Enterprise Architect

David Cabrera

David Cabrera, Enterprise Architect

Hung Huynh, Customer Success Manager

Christiana Klingenberg, Data Quality & Data Governance Consultant

Edgar Daniel Honorat García

Jeff Pritchett

Mary Whitmore, Data Leader

Hayes Williams, Director, Information Management

Eduardo Soto Alarcon, Director Data and Analytics , “Agreed and supported.”

Kresimir Juric

Heriberto Perez, Co-Founder & Director, “I’m in! …and a member of DAMA Chapter Mexico, cheers!”

Marco Wobben, Director, “Information modeling using natural language offers conceptual models to overcome the next technological tsunamis for decades. Think before you data model, be true to yourself. May the data force be with y’all. :)”

Heather Strode, Senior Data Engineer

Fangwei Duan

Jackson Oyaro


Peter Hauge Jensen, Consultant

Isaac García, QA Leader

Moonen Michael, “Data could indeed be the key to answer fast changeing business needs under the condition that their is a uniform management, a organisational wide support and management confirms data as a key asset.”

P Goncalves

Reezwan Charania, Regional Data Governance Manager

Todd Johnson, Principal Consultant


Tagor Silva, DBA, “I’m a DBA seeking knowledge to become a Data Engineer and support this idea.”

Sathis Chandran

Mathias Vercauteren, Data Strategist & Founder

Mathias Vercauteren, Data Management Advisor, “Good initiative, I also recently signed the “Data-Centric Manifesto”.”

Antonio Francisco da Silva

Tobias Pentek

Ayana Richards, VP, Data Governance

Justin Swenson

Daniel Choi, Director of Business Intelligence

Michel Hebert, CDMP, Data Architect and Data Governance Consultant

Steve Carrell

Manan Rawal, Head of US US Model Risk Management


Avinash Deshpande, President

Jay Franklin

Rattan Mahon, Chief Architect, Global RC, KPMG

Head of Big Data & Ai

Deborah Polydys

Efraín Santoyo Durán

Thomas Sibley, Enterprise Data Architect

Sergio Mauricio Ortega Benítez, Económia,

“Temas interesantes para el desarrollo organizacional de las empresas.”

Jillian Corkin, Analyst,

“Thinking about data strategy + operations consumes about 90% of my brain on a regular basis.”

David L Lepley, Data Architect

Brian R. Turcotte, P.E., Enterprise Scientific Data Manager

Verena Wild


Joseph Daniels

George Firican, Founder of LightsOnData,

“Treat your data as an asset!”

Kerry Rowe

Kerry Rowe

Etna Rojas, Professor

Gary Cronin

Don Folscher

Steffen Sandner,  Head of Digital Development

Maxime Carignan-Martel, Manager, Data Governance

Manager, Data Governance, Operations Support Specialist, 

“I solemnly pledge to use data in pro of my organization and for the well being of mankind.

Data and Automation are not the enemy, these are tools that will make us reach for the stars and help us take more informed decisions; thus making us to continuously improve.

Sapere Aude!”

Dan Kernan

Marti Smith, Data Management Program Manager

Saravan Kumar Shanmugam

BARBARA K TURNER, Executive Data Management Professional

Kylie Scott, CDO

Morel, Sales Manager

Paul Dietrich, AVP DACH, Collibra

Bas van Reeuwijk

Ashley N Goerger, VP Demand Generation

Colin Verhaegen,

Let’s treat data like a true asset in our organizations!

Nino, Presidente & Chief Strategy Officer, Presidente DAMA Italy
Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer – FIT Strategy
Founder and CEO – ENNE

Gareth Saunders, Head of Business Intelligence

Oscar Cejudo Torres Orozco, Chief Customer Analytics and Strategy officer, “Agree with the manifesto.”

Gabriela Juan

Rahul Saxena, FrogData Analytics

Vikas Khanna,  Global Data manager


Roelant Vos

Melanie Perry, Data Strategy Director 

Nadine, Data Governance and Architect

“Companies keep looking for short-cuts and causing themselves new issues. If they became data-driven, most of these issues would be resolved and they would be much more flexible to handle change, which is what the future is all about.”

Geovanna Chela, Escuela Politécnica Nacional

Sergio Acevedo, CEO

Sergio Acevedo, Engineer, “I’m really interested in the data manifesto because I’m part of a team who is committed in improve the data governance practices.”

Thomas Dodds, irector – Data Architecture & Governance

Director – Data Architecture & Governance

Julieta Alejandra Sánchez Olivo

Allan Duckwitz

Ricardo Rogeri da Silva

Estefania Lozano, Computer Science


Carlota Alvarado, Ejecutivo

ulieta Alejandra

Guilherme Hahn Varela, IT and Data Analyst


Adiel Silva Costa

Shawn Craig

Gary Cronin, Business Data Domain Architect

Business Data Domain Architect, Advanced Analytics

Michał Własenko, Senior Data Scientist, Analytics Leader

Frank Block

Clayton Marçal

Mehmet Orun, Sr. Director – Product Management, 

“While creating a potential signature feels ironic given the context :), this is such an important statement to (re)affirm, I thought I would create a duplicate worse case and a record of support (key point). Thank you for taking this message across our world.”

Benkirane, Student, “Really interested in all your ideas regarding data management”

Diego Campos

Waldir Ucci, Data Specialist


Tina Jenkins

Patrick McLean, Enterprise Architect

William Villon, Data & Analytics Leader


Bert Baeck, CEO

Rosângela Gomes da Nóbrega



Robert J. Abate, CDMP, CBIP, VP & CDO “Keep up the great work”.

Carla Ariene de Jesus Carvalho Pinho

Althea Davis, Chief Data Officer, “Great Idea. Collective effort will produce more results. Let our data voices be heard by speaking out and speaking in unison. The world is full of voices with opinions on what data leaders should be and do. We the data leaders should have the loudest voice in that dialogue.”

Williams Fernández

Robert Luikart, Strategic Data Management Consultant

Patrick Mair, Enterprise Data Architect

Garret Van Parys, Senior Director, Operations Planning and Analytics

Taylor Brooks, Data Analyst and Scientist, “The world needs more data leaders…at many organizations data is left to IT Services were it is neither championed nor mastered.”

Jay Franklin, VP, Enterprise Data and Analytics

Fernando Alves Machado

David Lepley, Data Architect

Jaderson Linhares

Daniel Ren, Senior Database Administrator

Lynne Suloman, Managing Director, Epacca Inc.

Doug Laney, Principal

Mauricio Murillo B, Msc.

Constanza Rodriguez Zabala, Ingeniera

David Sutherland

José Luis Pulido Riveros, Enterprise Architect

Ariel Omar Pérez, Sr. DBA, I agree with the leader’s data manifiesto

Ma. José Barbé

Piero Boggiani

Diamela Bello


Andrew Curthoys

Manuel Lobato, Data Governance

Agnelo Fonseca, Information and Data Lead

Peter Connolly

Jeremy Forman, Director Global Data and Analytics, Enterprise Architecture

Hector Bautista, Data Management Manager

Vanessa Porto de jesus Gicquel Silveira

Alcibiades Zuñiga

Ganna Maluzhonok, Head of data methodology unit in Sberbank Ukraine

Craig Scribner, Love it!

Victor Karamalis, Data without context and purpose is meaningless.

Eduardo Hernández Rey, System Engineer, ‘With our commitment and support in accepting the importance of data management within organizations we will build a true digital transformation with innovation for a new industrial revolution.’

Erika Kurauchi

Daniel Côté, DATA Governance leader, ‘This is a great idea. We should pull together and share ideas, have a world movement and help each other as a team.’

Simon Rolph

Carlos Alberto García Hurtado, BI Manager

Alberto Ortiz de Zárate, Data-driven progress, ‘We need to unlock data’s potential while taking care of every ethical issue, in order to improve the human condition.’

Marcel Hopman, Data Architect

Sathi Chowdhury, Sr manager (data management services)

Gabriel Cunha

Edmondo De Salvo, Strategic Advisory Consultant


Mauro Morales

Tania Flores Medrano

Délson Castro Gonçalves

Linda Wetzel, Consultant / Data Enthusiast, ‘Excited to join like-minded data professionals!’

Connie Steel, Data Quality Lead

Bertrand Ruzette

Bruce, BI Optimisation Manager

Dennis Weeren, Director Operations

Amar Singh, Senior Director

Can Kar, Enterprise Architect

Ad Louter, Master Data Manager

Juan Carlos Cifuentes Durán, Data te has leader

Darko Retamal

Mauricio de la Torre, Presidente

Aníbal Salusso, Engineer

Yeivis Bravo, ING. Agroindustrial

Alberto Vicente, Big Data – Tech Director ‘Data Governance is the key component for any organisation that want to be considered as data-driven today.’

Osvaldo Cabaluz

Diego Morales

Juan Jose Lopez Murphy, Technology Director, Artificial Intelligence

Barbara Forth, Data Strategist, ‘Helping to make the manifesto a reality in many companies….’

Franco David Sonzogni, O&G Enterprise Data Management Consultant, ‘ I agree with each point of The Leader’s Data Manifesto.’

Rodger Ncube

Miguel Villanueva

F L Marshall

Jenna Shannon

Todd Henley, Enterprise Data Management and Governance Lead at AEP

Tito Castillo

Vijay Kiran

Lynda Partner, VP Analytics

Diego Alonso Palacios Céspedes, CDMP®, ‘I’m passionate about data and I sign the leader’s data manifesto because I agree that data must be treated as a regular company’s asset.’

Mike Jennings, Senior Director, Global Data Architecture

Robbert Naastepad

Markus Smed

Thomas Moerkerke, VP Head of Data Analytics DHL Express

Justin B, Engagement Manager, ‘Driving tangible business impact with data.’

Jin Chung

Jeroen Schalken, Cloud Data Architect, ‘Working Data’

Ted Cuzzillo, Principal Analyst

James Umogu

Melissa Polizel

Jaap van t Hoff

Gary Cronin, Enterprise Data Architect

Norman Maphankane

Jennifer Schembri, Manager Data Management

Adrian Turcu, Enterprise Data Architect

Ron van der Laan, Enterprise Architect

Christopher Rice, Principal Enterprise Information Architect, ‘Delivery on the Data and Information promises of yesterday’

Edgar Turriago Ortiz

Molly VanderVelde

Kenneth MacKinnon, Enterprise Architect

Frank Harland

Saurabh Moody

Catherine Folkes, Chief Data Officer, RKD Group

Aaron Fuller, Principal Consultant

Brian White

Vinod Kumar Singh, DC Lead

Emmanuel Udeh, Data Management Analyst

Jean-Michel AMOUROUX, GeoInformation Manager

Al DiGiovanni

Michael Baraz,  Data Governance Office Lead

Roger Simwa

Roger Simwa, Head of Data & Analytics

Brian Lloyd, Sr Manager of Data Governance, This is a welcome sight (and site)! My mentor/hero is John Ladley.

Andrew Andrews, 100% committed to making the world a better place powered by data, the universal language.

Christiana Boehmer, Director, Data Engineering

Dan Jobse, Team Leader Data Quality

Jorge Plasencia

Juan Carlos Santeliz Atencio


James Lemin

Bryan Anderson, Consultant

Miguel Tivamosa

Adrian Stefan

Ed Willett, Data Governance Consultant

Jorge Abanto, Director

Tadashi Mano, Data Architect

Jeremy Spencer, Director National Accounts

Andrew MCALINDON, Chief Data and Analytics Officer

Jorge Valenzuela Posadas, Congrats!!! This stuff doing the change.

Matheus Azevedo, Supporting as a Data Management perspective

Yozgart David Alvarez Guido

Pedro Miguel Neves do Vale Matos da Silva

Bárbara Pereira Carlos

Mehmet G Orun

Robert Hickman, Know your data


Varinder Dhir, Senior Director Data Platform Engineering

Mai Alowaish, Cheif Data Officer

Bryce Jones, Marketing Manager

Nabou Dieng-Strife, Data Architect / Data Management Practitioner

This is a tremendous step forward in the Data Management Community. WE all need to be evangelist and bring clarity and definition and purpose for data management, for the implications are enormous. We are witnessing and living a new era that “will” propel technology to higher dimensions; but first let’s enable it by properly managing data.”

Bader ALHablani

Bernard Marin, Data Foundation Lead.

“I’m fully agreed and engaged with this data manifesto.
Doing this change required the awareness, understanding and finally the engagement of everyone within an Organization.”

Jo Houston

Javier Mastropaolo


Camilo Carlo Mendiola, Data Analyst


Javier Cañestro, Chairman of Data Committee

Paula Stewart, Sr. Project Manager

Javier Domínguez A

Eleanor Khoapa, “Its not a hyperbole, data is the highest trading currency. So let’s us all be data friendly and promote better governance and usage.”

Tai J. N’goma, Data Professional

Travis Bird, Manager of IT Solutions and Planning

Javier Cañestro, Chairman of Data Committee

Philippe AZOULAY, Head of Dataand Analytics

Marine Losdyck, Business Development Manager

Drew Barwis, CDO

Cambel Aylas Muñoz, Data Business Support

Nic Jefferis, Lead you company or team holistically across the data landscape.

Johnatan Esau Franco

Gerrold Kimbrough, Director Data Governance

Huda AlGhamdi, Manager

Márcio Bezerra

William Calderón Moreno, Excelente iniciativa

Adam Wall, Chief Data Officer

Nathan Rain, Group Manager DG and MDM, Passionately committed

Toby Cihla, Data Navigator

Frank Block

Tobias Gremaud, Partner, CDO and Digital Transformation Consultant, ”We learn from the past and the present – truth and future lies in data!”

Maria Karancsi, SeniorConsultant

Bill Reynolds, President

“I have been trying to connect the dots for large health care organizations between how they manage their finances and how they should manage their data and information assets for the last 20+ years. I’ve mostly been met with blank stares and worse… outright denial and arguments that it’s either too complicated for executives to understand or too academic to have any real value. Thank you for the Leader’s Data Manifesto and everyone involved working to elevate the understanding of data and information value.”

Arnt Erik Hansen, Senior Consultant. ”Love it!”

Dylan Miles, Mine Data Engineer. “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, while hoping for a different result. This manifesto beautifully outlines the commitment required to truly make sustainable change with data.”

Bruce Baum, Lead Data Officer

Rhonda Wells, Data Quality Supervisor

Shazia Sadiq,  “The data gurus have been promoting these messages for a long time and yet the problem keeps getting more and more complicated in this age of uncontrollable mis-information spread, blackbox algorithms and increasing security concerns on data assets. Kudos to the practitioner community for creating the manifesto and generating community awareness. Look forward to working together as we are about to start an Information Resilience* journey here in Australia with our industry and government partners.”