Bob Lambert reviews the Leader’s Data Manifesto 12 months on.

Thank you to Bob Lambert for his recent review of the state of play for The Leader’s Data Manifesto a year following its launch. After this year’s 2018 EDW World conference he sums up ….

Here’s the message I took home from the conference: data management improvements are in sight, and as data professionals we are empowered to bring them to fruition. Tommie Lawrence showed Sharp Healthcare how data quality improvements saved lives. Robert Abate told how, when he served as a data management professional at Walmart, he emailed Walmart’s CEO to let him know Walmart was losing $100 million per year. Mr. Abate applied the scientific method to available data and found daily dips in sales correctable through operational changes, and then he had the confidence to make his discovery known with a direct email to someone with the interest and power to act upon the information (with cc’s all the way up the chain, of course).

The bottom line is that if we’re willing to communicate good data practices, find the big wins, and appropriately advocate their benefits, we can drive the progress that the Leader’s Data Manifesto demands.

You can read Bob’s full article here

Data Leaders interviewed by Bob Seiner of TDAN.

Bob Seiner of TDAN (The Data Administrators Newsletter) takes the opportunity to speak with Data Leaders Dr Tom Redman and Kelle O’Neal about the recently launched Data Leader’s Manifesto. He explores the background to its inception, who is involved and why and who it is directed to. Given that bad data costs business 3 trillion dollars a year (Harvard Business Review) it is not surprising that the discussion covers how they believe the manifesto will impact the data management industry and business as a whole going forward. There are many ways the manifesto can be used in all organizations – read the interview and see how you can make a difference in your organization too. Be part of the change.

Data Leaders Launch Data Manifesto.

Six of your data colleagues set out to resolve a puzzle. Why do companies say they are interested in data and do so little about it? Why proclaim “data are assets,” then not manage them as such?

To solve this puzzle we narrowed our focus to the “manage data assets” question, pooled and re-examined our own successes and failures, studied models of innovation, diffusion, and disruption, conducted an extensive root cause analysis, compared interim explanations with progress in other fields, and were brutally honest in testing these explanations among ourselves.

The answer was not what we expected and the result has been the creation of The Leader’s Data Manifesto.


The Leader’s Data Manifesto is being launched today at Enterprise Data World 2017, Atlanta Georgia. The aim is to push for change and empower everyone who uses data to do their job to become a data provocateur. Without enterprise wide acceptance of data as an asset of value, that must be managed as such, business will continue to miss the mark and fail to realize the full potential of the data assets they own.