Laura Sebastian-Coleman

Laura Sebastian-Coleman, Ph.D., Data Quality Director at Prudential, has worked in data quality management since 2003. She has implemented data quality metrics and reporting, launched and facilitated data quality working groups, contributed to data consumer training programs, and led efforts to establish data standards and to manage metadata in support of data governance goals.

Author of Navigating the Labyrinth (2018) and Measuring Data Quality for Ongoing Improvement (2013), her latest book, Meeting the Challenges of Data Quality Management, was published in February 2022.

Laura was production editor for the DAMA-DMBOK2, for which she received DAMA’s award for Contributions to the Data Management Profession (2018) and the DAMA New England award for Excellence in Data Management (2018). An advisor to DAMA New England (2018 – present), she has served as DAMA International Publications Officer (2015-2018), and IAIDQ Director of Member Services (2009-2011). In 2015, she received IAIDQ’s Distinguished Member award.