James Price

James Price is the Founder and Managing Director of Experience Matters. Based in Adelaide, Australia, James realized the huge mistake business leaders were making when it came to their information and use of technology. They were so caught up in building their IT infrastructure, the valuable information and knowledge they needed to drive their business was not being recognized as an asset and was becoming lost. James helps organisations develop a profitable relationship with their Information Assets with the aim to awaken today’s business leaders and inspire change.

James’ methodology is to approach information management from the ground up, stripping everything back to basics to see what businesses really do before identifying how they can perform better.

James is an internationally recognized author of peer-reviewed papers, an educator and has spent the past years delivering his unique message globally. By combining his personal fascination of business, data and lateral thinking with his professional career as a thought leader, passionate speaker and managing director, he is able to share his knowledge and advocate for change.